2021 October - Free Webinar

Integration of natural light in the workplace: theory, simulation tools and case studies
January 01, 2022 | By Comité Communications

On Wednesday October 20, the Montreal Chapter of CSC will be offering a webinar on integrating natural light into the workplace. The online event is free and will air at 8:00 am (to be rebrocasted as well). Our speakers François Cantin (M Arch, MSc. Arch) and Nicholas Denis (M Arch, MSc. Arch) will introduce you to the design of high-quality lighting strategies. Using case studies on recent projects that their firm carried out in integrated design. They will discuss visual comfort, design by simulation and performance indicators relating to the integration of natural lighting in architecture. Presentation will be in French. 
For more information and to register: https://my.weezevent.com/integration-de-la-lumiere-naturelle-en-milieu-de-travail-theorie-outils-de-si?mc_phishing_protection_id=28396-c5j39g4na38vjl05j100